The best chocolate cafes in Seville to beat the cold weather

The best chocolate cafes in Seville to beat the cold weather

If you take a look outside, you will see that the weather has started to get cold. Of course, Seville is not a city known for bad weather, since even in the coldest months of the year it still guarantees moderate temperatures. Even so, in the coming weeks it won’t hurt to take some time out with a cup of hot chocolate. Don’t know where? Try one or more of our recommendations.


Just ten minutes walk from the Urban Sevilla Hostel, at number 11 of the centrally located Carmen Street, Ocumare opens its doors to everyone and is perhaps the most recommended chocolate cafe in the Spanish capital. With a modern design and an atmosphere that invites you to stay for a while, Ocumare has a wide variety of chocolate drinks, as well as different types of tempting delicacies. It should be noted that this chocolate cafe also serves cold products, in case the hot ones don’t appeal to you. It is only open on Saturdays and Sundays and gets quite busy. But it is worth it.

Dulces Artesanos

Chocolate is one of the many sweet pleasures that can be sampled in a traditional cafe. Located in Simún Street, south of the city, Dulces Artesanos continues to serve cups of hot chocolate, cakes and other preparations as it has always done, with an excellent service and taking great care in all its dish representations. It is a small place that looks like an ice cream shop in the neighbourhood, which will make many visitors remember their childhood.

Churrería Los Especiales

A churrería that opens every day of the week from seven in the morning to two in the afternoon in front of the Puente de Isabel II is a temptation that’s difficult to resist. Los Churrería Los Especiales is located in Paseo de Cristóbal Colón, offering the perfect finishing touch to any walk through the centre or a comforting stop before continuing with your journey. Without detracting from the product that gives name to this place, many repeat customers agree that the chocolate served here is the true treasure of Los Especiales.


Moving slightly north of the city, to number 74 Cruz Roja Avenue, we visit the Villar ice cream shop. Yes, the main claim of this business is not chocolate but when temperatures start to fall, it becomes one of its star products. If in summer it is the outdoor terrace that’s most popular among customers, during the winter, it is the indoor lounge that proves to be popular. And it doesn’t close until one in the morning!

Chocolatería Virgen de Luján

The Los Remedios neighbourhood is one of the most exclusive places in Seville and is especially known among travellers for hosting the Real de la Feria de Sevilla every year. The Virgen de Luján chocolate shop is located at number 40 of the same street name as the establishment, next to Parque de los Príncipes. The classic decoration, the experience of its staff (some waiters have been serving customers for many years) and the reputation of their churros make this chocolate shop a recommended stopover, which also has parking for bicycles.

El Comercio

A few metres from the Casa Natal de Velázquez, one of the most unique venues in the city centre is the El Comercio bar, which has been offering the most traditional hot chocolate since 1904. This place is only 800 metres away from the Central Sevilla Hostel, so it is positioned as an excellent option for breakfast, snack or just a relaxing place during your city tour through the great monuments of the Andalusian capital. Undoubtedly, the vintage atmosphere that is felt in the bar – that nobody is confused by its name – is the best accompaniment to taste a cup of hot chocolate.

La Despensa de Palacio

We warn you that if you visit La Despensa de Palacio (1 / Villegas Street) with the healthy intention of ordering a hot chocolate, you may change your mind when you see its product displays or. You will surely be tempted to buy other tasty products too. The homemade preparations that are made daily will temp you to indulge yourself again and again (it is not surprising to find customers who leave the establishment with a full bag).

Chocolatería Virgen de los Reyes

The Virgen de los Reyes chocolate shop is located at number 129 on Luis Montoro street, in the Nervión neighbourhood. This is a family-owned place and without too much focus on interior design or modernity. And there is no need as it serves a delicious combination of churros and chocolate.

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