The most amazing tours to discover Seville
Seville, Spain - July 14th, 2018: Torre del Oro, meaning Golden Tower, in Seville, Spain is an Albarrana Tower located on the left bank of the Guadalquivir River

The most amazing tours to discover Seville

Seville boasts many hidden gems and secret corners in its streets and monuments. These are sites and places that can go unnoticed by travellers who simply admire the beauty of the many buildings that are of great historical value in the city of Guadalquivir. A different alternative to discover this part of the city, which does not usually appear on the first pages of travel guides, is to follow the less conventional tourist tours. Below, we will take you on the most amazing tours of Seville.

Secret Seville Tour

The name of this tour speaks for itself. The Molarte agency has recently organised a walking tour through the Andalusian capital that takes visitors to the unconventional sites that are no less interesting. The starting point is from the Museum of Fine Arts, which is only five minutes away from the Urban Sevilla Hostel, before passing through Seville’s old town with the main focus on its past and present sites. Among other interesting facts, users will learn about the origin of the names of the streets as well as the buildings that no longer exist today.

Legendary Seville Tour

The Sevillatur company has come up with a walking tour that’s relatively similar to the previous one but its main highlights are the most important legends of the city. The Legendary Seville Tour begins its journey from Plaza del Triunfo, opposite the Cathedral. Throughout the tour’s two hour duration, the participants will stop at the most prominent points of Seville’s old town, each one with its own legends and stories. From tragic love stories, unsolved murders, paranormal activities, to the most notable thieves … The most unlikely stories certainly take on greater realism in Seville.

Their Forgotten Story Tour

Sevillatur also offers a tour that pays tribute to ​​women who made history in Seville. It is no secret that the role of women in great scientific discoveries, the development of culture and achieving greater freedom has been obscured by traditional accounts of history. This tour takes visitors to the most significant corners of Seville from the women’s point of view. The University, the Plaza Virgen de los Reyes and the Patio de Banderas are the highlights of the tour, which represent the work of the forgotten Sevillians. The starting point of this tour is from Paseo de Catalina de Ribera, and it lasts approximately two hours.

Perfume Tour

From the stairs of the famous Mushroom-shaped Metropol Parasol, in Plaza de la Encarnación, the Seville Inside tour company offers a unique experience to get to know yet another one of those great secrets of the city and its relationship with the world of perfumes. From Roman times to the present era, through the long Arab domination and the return of Christians, each historical period has had one or several perfumes that have somehow made their way into a small bottle. An interesting part of this tour, in addition to the aromatic sensations, is that the participants can take home samples of some of the perfumes mentioned during the tour.

The Plague in Seville, 1649

If the 16th century was one of the most splendid times for Seville thanks to its status as the Spanish capital of trade with the US, the middle of the 17th century happened to be one of its darkest times. The plague epidemic during 1649 was one of the most traumatic episodes that resulted in many deaths. In fact, more than a million deaths occurred from the plague, which resulted in the significant population reduction of Seville. This tour, which is arranged by Ispavilia, brings the visitors closer to a dark past that was highly relevant to Seville’s history. The tour starts from Altozano Plaza, which is very close to the Triana Market, and continues through the different sections of the old town where the plague was spread.

Exploring Seville by Bicycle

Apart from the walking tours, how about getting on a bicycle and choosing which part of the city you want to explore? Seville is one of the best cities to explore on two wheels thanks to its cycling paths, which offer more than 180 km of space reserved just for cyclists. The vastness of the cycling lane makes it possible to connect to every part of the city, which allows you to discover many other charms and hidden corners that are located outside the most central districts.

Seville and its Fountains

Another refreshing and enjoyable tour is the fountains of Seville. Some agencies offer guided tours but it is also possible for the visitor to get a city map and decide on which fountains they want to get to know in more detail. The Fountain of Híspalis, the Fountain of Catalina de Ribera, the Fountain of Cuatro Estaciones or the well-known Fountain of Plaza de España are just some of the many examples of the most spectacular fountains in Seville.

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