The most charming cafes in Seville

The most charming cafes in Seville

Few experiences are more comforting than sitting relaxed in front of a cup of coffee in a cosy place with an excellent atmosphere. Yes, visiting a city with as many options within reach as Seville encourages you to take your time to enjoy a cup of coffee without looking at your watch. The Andalusian capital has a number of cafes with as much or even more charm than many of the city’s monuments – and we are not exaggerating! Just check the following list to see for yourself.

Bar Génova

Coffee is just one of the many drinks that can be enjoyed in one of the most historic bars in Seville. Of course, its main value is its name, given that the establishment opened its doors some years ago. This cafeteria, which is located at number 10, Avenida Constitución, refers to the old name of this road, which was already part of the Sevillian street in the 13th century. Its signature drink? The 100% Arabic coffee. Another hint of its local history perhaps?

Bar Génova Sevilla

Cafetería Bambú

We know from experience that Seville’s old town can attract visitors in such a way that they have little time left to explore other areas of the city. Located at number 1, Parque de Grazalema Street, next to Ronda Urbana Norte, the Bambú Cafeteria is an authentic pilgrimage for coffee lovers. Its pantry has a display of dozens of coffee varieties brought from all corners of the globe and the expertise of the baristas gives an even more intense flavour to the coffee.

Cafetería Bambú Sevilla

Confitería-Heladería La Campana

The name of the place gives us a clue about what takes places in this cafe. But let’s not get confused. Aside from the exquisite ice cream, sweets and cakes that are prepared daily, La Campana has been serving coffee continuously since 1885. In 2016, the business received the Tradition Catunambú Award for its connection with the city and the superior quality of its coffee. It is located in the historic centre, between Plaza del Duque de la Victoria and the avant-garde «Setas» (c/Sierpes 1-3). You can reach this cafe by simply taking a short walk from the Hostel Urban Sevilla.

Confitería-Heladería La Campana Sevilla

Virgin Coffee

A few metres away from La Campana (at number 1 on Regina Street), Virgin Coffee has its own surprises with unique coffee preparations. The name of the establishment may lead people to thinking that it’s just another one of those franchises that have filled the Spanish cities in recent years. But nothing could be further from the truth. Virgin Coffee prides itself on roasting coffee beans every day to offer a unique beverage accompanied by an excellent pastry menu.

Virgin Coffee Sevilla

Café Isolde

In the opinion of many visitors, nowhere else prepares coffee quite like the Central European cafes. We have already seen that in Seville there are alternatives that can compete with the best venues in Vienna but it is also possible to find businesses with a simpler appearance but the same commitment to quality. Café Isolde (located at number 18, Cardenal Bueno Monreal,) is a small establishment that has put its own signature in the preparation and serving of coffee. The brand of beans that are ground every day was selected after a long and tedious sampling session. Now it’s put to the test for customers to judge.

Café Isolde Sevilla

La Cacharrería

We return to Regina Street, in the old town to be precise, to sample another cup of coffee in a famous establishment. The Cacharrería has one of the most original decorations among Sevillian coffee shops, making clear to visitors the reason for its unique name. According to the cafe’s managers, each pot has been carefully displayed in the place it occupies, a thoroughness that, incidentally, is also applied in the preparation of coffee. And, unlike what happens with the decoration, here you can observe and even sample the coffee.

La Cacharrería Sevilla


Preparing tasty and varied recipes, with quality ingredients and doing it within a short time is not exactly a common combination in the world of catering. Jester is located less than 500 metres from Real Alcázar and is easily reachable from the Urban Sevilla Hostel. Coffee is served in the most varied ways although, in the opinion of many customers, the great attraction of this place is the wide range of complementary foods (including succulent vegetarian and vegan options).

Jester Sevilla

Paradas 7

Located next to Puente del Cristo de La Expiración (No.7 / Marqués de Paradas,), Paradas 7 offers a varied selection of coffees and an extensive menu of sandwiches, pastries and homemade cakes. There are also hamburgers and a variety of salads to entice customers.

Paradas 7 Sevilla

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