Where to eat in Seville: the best restaurants

Where to eat in Seville: the best restaurants

Food is one of the best incentives to visit the city of Seville since it can be enjoyed in the greatest variety. Eating in the Andalusian capital is an enjoyable experience for tourists and locals, which means visiting the most recommended dining establishments depends on the type of cuisine one desires. The following are some of the best restaurants to discover in the city of Seville.

1. Casa Manolo León

In the heart of Seville’s old town, the Casa Manolo León is known for being one of the busiest restaurants with the most table reservations in the town of Guadalquivir. This can only mean two things: that the menu and service are high quality and that it is best to reserve a table well in advance. The place is located within an old manor house at number 8, Guadalquivir Street. The best option is to enjoy an informal dinner in the inner courtyard.

2. El Mirador de San Fernando

It is said that El Mirador San Fernando makes the simplest dishes taste much more delicious. This restaurant is located at number 23, San Fernando Street, very close to the Real Alcazar of Seville, and has hardly needed three years to become one of the most recommended places to eat by tourists. Surely there must be a good reason for its success.

3. Manolo Vázquez

Seafood is the main cuisine on the menu of Manolo Vázquez, a spacious restaurant with traditional food and typical Andalusian decor. Located in the Nervión neighbourhood (5 / Baltasar Gracián Street,), Manolo Vázquez is located just a few metres from Santa Justa AVE Station.

4. Abades

This is one of the most authentic restaurants that serves Andalusian cuisine in the autonomous capital. Abades has won a place among the great tourist attractions of Seville for its privileged location on Betis Street, which boasts stunning views of the Torre del Oro (a military watchtower), in the heart of Triana. With regards to the menu, Abades exclusively serves high quality food, mostly from the region.

5. Azahar

The Azahar restaurant is located just a few steps from the large Sevillian old town, at Plaza Jesús de la Redención. Many people say that the restaurant is only good for a candlelit dinner with a loved one but the truth is that its varied cuisine will please all tastes and preferences. The menu has a certain Mediterranean feel to it but with the most innovative touches, thus offering a very unique gastronomic experience.

Restaurante Azahar Sevilla

6. Los Rincones del Marqués

The most refined and, above all, authentic Andalusian cuisine is served daily at Los Rincones del Marqués, an exclusive restaurant whose main asset is its chef, Jorge Cortés. The fresh products of the region, the most traditional recipes and the creativity of the master chef create a tasty cocktail that has resulted in many awards for Los Rincones del Marqués. The place is located at number 31 Santiago Street.

7. Taberna del Alabardero

In the heart of Zaragoza Street and taking advantage of the charm of an old 19th century Grand House, the Taberna del Alabardero also flies the flag for the best quality local products. The cuisine is accompanied by an excellent wine list, in which Andalusian wines stand out the most (Ximénez Spínola, Huerta de Albalá, Luis Pérez …), as well as a large selection of wines from the rest of Spain.

8. Señorío Sevilla

For even the most simplest food preparations being made exquisitely is one of the best reviews that can be said about a restaurant. Señorío Sevilla truly deserves this recognition, since it has chosen to specialise in a rather avant-garde cuisine that starts with recipes well known to all. The place is located at number 9 in Placentines Street and, although it opened at the beginning of 2019, it has not taken much time to stand out in the gastronomic street of Seville.

9. El Rinconcillo

How about a restaurant that has different private rooms to celebrate a meal in groups or couples with maximum privacy and next to the Palacio de las Dueñas? At number 40, Gerona Street, El Rinconcillo offers a traditional menu on its two upper floors and a lively tavern on its ground floor.

10. Abantal

Abantal is one of the most exclusive restaurants in Seville and also one of the most unique dining establishments. Abantal is located at number 7, Mayor José de la Bandera Street, just outside the old town at the easternmost section. It is one of the most recommended places in the city by the 2019 Michelin Guide.

Restaurante Abantal Sevilla
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