Districts and Neighbourhoods of Seville

Districts and Neighbourhoods of Seville

Seville’s top districts and neighbourhoods

Seville is one of the most historic cities in Spain. The Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs and Christians have all paraded through the capital of the Guadalquivir and they have certainly left their mark on the urban physiognomy of a city that today has about 700,000 inhabitants. After undergoing various improvements throughout history, Seville is currently divided into 11 districts and 108 neighbourhoods. Would you like to get to them?

Mapa | Distritos y Barrios de Sevilla
Mapa | Districts and Neighbourhoods of Seville | Wikipedia

1. Bellavista – La Palmera

This is one of the southernmost districts of the city, bordering the municipality of Dos Hermanas. Mainly residential, the neighbourhoods of Bellavista-La Palmera have grown considerably in demographic terms in recent years, which has led to the launch of new property developments. The area is joined by three large avenues (La Palmera, Jerez and Bellavista).

Mapa | Distrito Bellavista - La Palmera | Sevilla
Map | District Bellavista – La Palmera | Wikipedia

The Neighbourhoods of the District Bellavista are:

  1. Bellavista
  2. Heliópolis
  3. Elcano-Los Bermejales
  4. Sector Sur-La Palmera-Reina Mercedes
  5. Pedro Salvador-Las Palmeritas
  6. Barriada de Pineda
Distrito Bellavista - La Palmera | Sevilla
Photo: El Correo Web | District Bellavista – La Palmera

2. Casco Antiguo

This is where most of the tourist attraction sites of Seville are located, such as the historical monuments (the Cathedral, Giralda, Real Alcazar, Basilica de la Macarena, Archivo de Indias …) as well as leisure and recreational offers. It should be noted that this is one of the most extensive old towns in Europe and one of the richest in terms of diversity in cultures.

Mapa | Distrito Casco Antiguo | Sevilla
Map | District Casco Antiguo | Wikipedia

The Neighbourhoods of the District Casco Antiguo are:

  1. El Arenal
  2. Encarnación-Regina
  3. Alfalfa
  4. San Bartolomé
  5. San Lorenzo
  6. San Gil
  7. Museo
  8. Santa Catalina
  9. Santa Cruz, Feria
  10. San Julián
  11. San Vicente
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3. Cerro – Amate

By stopping over at this point on the east of the city, one cannot help but remember one of the most extensive urban development projects that took place here. During the mid 20th century, a large number of workers came to this area in search of job opportunities. The district is now one of the most populous areas in the city and it borders the municipality of Alcalá de Guadaira.

Mapa | Distrito Cerro - Amate | Sevilla
Map | District Cerro – Amate | Wikipedia

The Neighbourhoods of the District Cerro – Amate are:

  1. Amate
  2. Juan XXIII
  3. Los Pájaros
  4. Rochelambert
  5. Santa Aurelia – Cantábrico – Atlántico – La Romería
  6. Palmete
  7. El Cerro
  8. La Plata
Distrito Cerro - Amate | Sevilla
Photo | District Cerro – Amate | Fuente

4. Este – Alcosa – Torreblanca

This is the easternmost of the Seville’s districts and also the one with the largest population. This demographic increase has resulted in large numbers of construction developments, with many newly-built apartment blocks. For visitors, this place has recently attracted their interest because of the Aquopolis Water Park.

Mapa | Distrito Este - Alcosa - Torreblanca | Sevilla
Map | District Este – Alcosa – Torreblanca | Wikipedia

The Neighbourhoods of the District Este – Alcosa – Torreblanca are:

  1. Colores-Entreparques
  2. Torreblanca
  3. Parque Alcosa-Jardines del Edén
  4. Palacio de Congresos – Urbadiez – Entrepuentes
Aeropuerto de Sevilla | Distrito Este - Alcosa - Torreblanca
Airport of Seville | District Este – Alcosa – Torreblanca | Photo

5. Los Remedios

This is one of the most exclusive areas of the city, especially in the neighbourhood that shares its name with the district. It presents a large number of buildings from the beginning of the 20th century, when the great development of this point to the west of the Guadalquivir began. The Real de la Feria de Abril, the San Telmo Bridge, the Tobacco Factory and the Carriage Museum are some of the essential visits in this district, which is one of the most dynamic in regards to the real estate market.

Mapa | Distrito Los Remedios | Sevilla
Map | District Los Remedios | Wikipedia

The Neighbourhoods of the District Los Remedios are:

  1. Tablada
  2. Los Remedios
Plaza de Cuba | Distrito Los Remedios | Sevilla
Plaza de Cuba | District Los Remedios | Wikipedia

6. Macarena

To the north of the Old Town (Casco Antiguo), the Macarena district comprises the old suburb of the city, known for its highly characteristic monuments. These include the Cinco Llagas Hospital (currently used as the seat of the Parliament of Andalusia), of the Puerta and Basílica de la Macarena, and the Tower of Perdigones. The remains of the Almoravid wall also stand out, which exhibit some of its best preserved artifacts.

 Mapa | Distrito Macarena | Sevilla
Map | District Macarena | Wikipedia

The Neighbourhoods of the District Macarena are:

  1. Santa María de Ordas-San Nicolás
  2. Pío XII
  3. La Barzola
  4. El Carmen
  5. Cruz Roja-Capuchinos
  6. Villegas
  7. Santas Justa y Rufina-Parque Miraflores
  8. Los Príncipes-La Fontanilla
  9. Begoña-Santa Catalina
  10. Polígono Norte
  11. La Paz-Las Golondrinas
  12. La Palmilla-Doctor Marañón
  13. Hermandades-La Carrasca
  14. Macarena 3 Huertas-Macarena 5
  15. El Torrejón
  16. El Cerezo
  17. Doctor Barraquer-Grupo Renfe-Policlínico
  18. Retiro Obrero
  19. Cisneo Alto-Santa María de Gracia
  20. Campos de Soria
  21. León XIII-Los Naranjos
  22. El Rocío
  23. Pino Flores
  24. Las Avenidas
Distrito Macarena | Sevilla
District Macarena | Wikipedia

7. Nervión

The numerous metro and bus stops and the proximity of the Santa Justa station make Nervión one of the best located and connected districts of the city. It also has a generous area dedicated to shopping establishments and restaurants, while housing monuments such as the Church of the Concepción Inmaculada and the Temple of Cruz del Campo. For football fans, the Seville FC Museum stands out.

Mapa | Distrito Nervion | Sevilla
Map | District Nervion | Wikipedia

The Neighbourhoods of the District Nervión are:

  1. Nervión
  2. San Bernardo
  3. Huerta del Pilar
  4. La Florida
  5. La Buhaira
  6. La Calzada
  7. San Roque
  8. Ciudad Jardín
 Distrito Nervion | Sevilla
District Nervion | Wikipedia

8. Norte

The northernmost point of the city of Seville has some of the most important road networks. There is a certain polarisation in its neighbourhoods, with residential and commercial areas being divided. The district includes the Alamillo Park, one of the largest green areas in Seville.

Mapa | Distrito Norte | Sevilla
Map | District Norte | Wikipedia

The Neighbourhoods of the District Norte are:

  1. Barriada Pino Montano
  2. Consolación
  3. El Gordillo
  4. Las Almenas
  5. San Jerónimo
  6. La Bachillera
  7. Los Carteros
  8. San Diego
  9. Los Arcos
  10. Las Naciones-Parque Atlántico-Las Dalias
  11. San Matías
  12. Aeropuerto Viejo
  13. Valdezorras
Mausoleo del cementerio de San Fernando de Sevilla | Distrito Norte | Sevilla
Mausoleo del cementerio de San Fernando de Sevilla | District Norte | Wikipedia

9. San Pablo-Santa Justa

This district combines a great social mix and a remarkable commercial offer with its proximity to the urban centre. The Santa Justa train station facilitates direct access to this point of the city, which highlights the Los Arcas Shopping Centre (considered to be the most spacious mall in all of Andalusia) and the Interpretación Centre in the Jewish Quarter.

Mapa | Distrito San Pablo-Santa Justa | Sevilla
Map | District San Pablo-Santa Justa | Wikipedia

The Neighbourhoods of the District San Pablo-Santa Justa are:

  1. Árbol Gordo
  2. La Corza
  3. Las Huertas
  4. San Carlos-Tartessos
  5. San José Obrero
  6. El Fontanal-María Auxiliadora-Carretera de Carmona
  7. Santa Clara, Zodiaco
  8. San Pablo A y B
  9. San Pablo C
  10. San Pablo D y E
  11. Huerta de Santa Teresa
Distrito San Pablo - Santa Justa | Sevilla
Distrito San Pablo – Santa Justa | Wikipedia

10. Sur

The Iberian-American Exhibition that hosted Seville in 1929 gave a boost to the urbanisation process in the Sur district in the neighbourhood of El Prado-Parque de María Luisa. Currently, the area has leisure offers such as the Seville Aquarium and the Museum of Popular Arts and Customs.

Mapa | Distrito Sur | Sevilla
Map | District Sur | Wikipedia

The Neighbourhoods of the District Sur are:

  1. El Prado-Parque de María Luisa
  2. Huerta de la Salud
  3. El Porvenir
  4. Giralda Sur
  5. El Plantinar
  6. Felipe II-Los Diez Mandamientos
  7. Tabladilla-La Estrella
  8. Bami
  9. Tiro de Línea-Santa Genoveva
  10. La Oliva, Avenida de la Paz
  11. El Juncal-Híspalis
  12. Las Letanías
  13. Polígono Sur
Distrito Sur | Sevilla
District Sur | Wikipedia

11. Triana

This is yet another excellent tourist attraction area. The district of Triana happens to be one of the most traditional points of the city, with the busy Plaza del Altozano as a great nerve centre and the island of La Cartuja as one of the must-visit destinations. The Triana Bridge, which connects this district with the Old Town, is another of its most notable monuments.

 Mapa | Distrito Triana | Wikipedia
Map | District Triana | Wikipedia

The Neighbourhoods of the District Triana are:

  1. Triana Casco Antiguo
  2. Barrio León
  3. El Tardón-El Carmen
  4. Triana Este
  5. Triana Oeste
District Triana | Wikipedia

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