Ready for Valentine’s Day? Activities for couples to do in Seville

Ready for Valentine’s Day? Activities for couples to do in Seville

February the14th, the day Valentine’s Day is celebrated in most Western countries. This year, the celebration falls on a Friday, which is a good opportunity for a weekend getaway for couples. Seville is one of the best places for enjoying these romantic days. And the best thing is, the Andalusian capital will be much warmer. If you want to surprise your partner, take note of the following activities:

Thermal baths and massage for couples

This is one of the best ways to disconnect from the hectic daily life. Thermal baths and massages are an experience for the senses, especially if you are in good company. There are several places to enjoy these services in the Andalusian capital but one of the most complete venues is the one offered by the AIRE Ancient Baths. It is located at number 15 Aire Street, next to the Casa de Salinas. Couples will feel like stepping into the world of A Thousand and One Nights, with services such as aromatherapy, relaxing massages, and different types of thermal baths.

María Luisa Park, an essential stop (or several)

The Maria Luisa Park is one of the most romantic spots in Spain, to say the least. This vast green space has been serving as the main spot for lovers in Seville for over a hundred years. In fact, the park has some authentic statues for couples, such as the three statues of love and the Alfonso XII Pavilion (in Isleta de los Pájaros). This last statue is especially known for supposedly helping the aforementioned monarch to declare his love for María de las Mercedes. The way to María Luisa Park from the Hostel Urban Sevilla is another enjoyable strolling activity for couples.

A quiet and peaceful cruise on the Guadalquivir…

Most couples prefer doing the most relaxing activities on their romantic getaway. If this is your case, you should not miss out on a cruise on the Guadalquivir River as part of your trip itinerary. There are numerous options available, (monumental tours, excursions to other towns, catering on board, sampling different foods, night tours …). Choose the one that best suits your preferences. You never know, you might find the cruising becomes your most memorable tour of Seville.

… or kayaking adventure

Of course, not all couples come to the city of Seville to relax or regain their strength. Those who more active can also enjoy the Guadalquivir River tour but with a notably different approach. Kayaking is becoming more and more common and tests the coordination of couples. There are also just as many options available for this activity, with guided tours being the most common one. You can take part in this sport in pairs while discovering some of the most beautiful corners of Seville. However, couples must be physically fit in order to endure the whole kayaking trip without one of them having to make all the effort (unless that is the surprise, of course).

Fall in love with the mysterious Seville

Where does it say that all the activities for lovers must necessarily involve intimate experiences or romantic themes? Tours through mysterious Seville can be a great alternative to the more traditional options. This itinerary, which is offered by several tour agencies, provides a unique view of the most interesting and at times overwhelming parts of the city. Legends, curiosities, episodes of great historical significance, betrayals and, of course, romances of all kinds, parade before the eyes of couples. It is a central route and, therefore, very close to the Hostel Central Sevilla.

Shows to watch from February 14th

On Friday 14th of February, the theatrical show, Los árboles, will be performed in the Central Theatre. It is a remake of Chekhov’s play, The Cherry Orchard, duly decorated with Andalusian elements and a remarkable eagerness to experiment with different themes. Another alternative for that day is the latest production of El Circo del Sol, (circus) Kooza, which will be held in the Andalusian capital until March 8th. And for those who wish to enjoy Andalusian musical art, attending a concert held by Siempre Así (a Spanish pop group) at the Congress and Exposition Palace of Seville, is a must.

Horse and carriage ride

Didn’t we surprise you with our last recommendation? Carriage rides in the most characteristic spots of Seville can indeed be the perfect end to a romantic getaway. There are numerous tours and many other complementary services on offer. If this is your first time visiting Seville, the horse and carriage ride will allow you to bask in some of the most iconic monuments and urban spots around the city.

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