The most interesting exhibitions in Seville during December ūüĎć

The most interesting exhibitions in Seville during December ūüĎć

Saying goodbye to the year in Seville and taking advantage of the festive days by visiting the Andalusian capital is an absolute must. From the outset, the Hispanic city welcomes all visitors with a much more moderate climate than what is experienced in the rest of the country. But if you still prefer indoor activities, December is a good time to learn, get surprised and excited about the best exhibitions in Seville.

The magical world of clicks

The Casino de la Exposicion (Casino Exhibition) will be hosting a great show with the popular Playmobil figures until January 5th. On this occasion, the exhibition is dedicated to four major events. The most prominent one is the great adventures of Magellan and Elcano that marked the first round the world trip, an event that has celebrated its 500th anniversary this year and has been the subject of numerous activities in Seville. The other sections to visit are those dedicated to the Mayan Bee, the Lion King, the Star Wars trilogy and the local football league(Sevilla-Real Betis).

Monta√Ī√©s, master of all artists

Juan Mart√≠nez Monta√Ī√©s, a native of Alcal√° la Real (Ja√©n) but buried in Seville, is considered to be one of the greatest wood sculptors of Baroque Spain. Specifically, the work of Monta√Ī√©s is dedicated almost entirely to statues. All those who visit the Museum of Fine Arts in Seville can see his exhibition until March 15th, 2020. The venue, by the way, is less than five minutes walk from the Urban Sevilla Hostel and admission is free for all citizens of EU.

Painting the picture

The Centre for Cultural Initiatives of the University of Seville (CICUS) has prepared an exhibition that combines two different arts but, as can be seen in the sample, both are highly complementary. Painting and photography go hand in hand at the Casaj√ļs Hall of CICUS, located at number 1, Madre de Dios Street. The selected works showcase the mastery of the artist, Claudio del Campo, especially with the way light has been used in pictures. This venue opens its doors from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and admission is free.

The longest voyage

If our first recommendation, which had a strong family theme, invited you to experience the epic journey of Magellan and Elcano through clicks, the General Archive of the Indies has prepared the largest exhibition ever dedicated to this theme. ¬ęThe longest voyage¬Ľ is a unique journey through the different aspects of the expedition that left Seville in 1519. The exhibition, which was inaugurated by the Kings of Spain last September, includes models of the ships used, maps, historical documents and different audiovisual resources. Remember that the General Archive of the Indies is located just a few hundred metres from the Central Sevilla Hostel.

Centenary of the Bauhaus

The avant-gardes have certainly made an impact on art, culture, and society, but there is no denying the fact that they continue to exert their influence in their respective fields even to this day. This is the case with the Bauhaus, the movement that profoundly revived the architectural patterns a hundred years ago. On the occasion of this commemoration, the House of the Province of Seville has dedicated a monographic exhibition to the Bauhaus within the ARTSevilla 2019 programme. More artists from Andalusia and other parts of Spain have filled the exhibition galleries with their particular vision of the artistic language of the Bauhaus. You can visit it until January 12th.

Pablo Picasso and Joaquín Peinado. Two artists in one exhibition

We won’t move away from the first half of the 20th century because the following exhibition invites us to discover the unique world of two authentic geniuses of Cubism. Pablo Picasso and Joaqu√≠n Peinado, two illustrious artists from Malaga, share the leading role in a very ambitious exhibition that includes more than eighty works by both artists. And the art works aren’t just paintings, since the promoters of the exhibition have also introduced lithographs, drawings, sketches and even sculptures to the gallery. This exhibition has been set up at the Unicaja Foundation Centre and will remain open until January 26th.

Pharaoh. King of Egypt

The fascinating world of Ancient Egypt comes to Seville with authentic jewels from the collections of the British Museum. The exhibition will be in the Andalusian capital until January 12th, when it will showcase its more than 150 pieces to other Spanish cities. The exhibition has been organised by the La Caixa Foundation, which is why it takes place in CaixaForum in Seville and all the customers of this bank can visit this venue for free.

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