Where to enjoy the best burgers in Seville

Where to enjoy the best burgers in Seville

Do you remember an American movie or sitcom that includes a close-up of a diner enjoying a hamburger? Yes, perhaps the question is somewhat exaggerated, especially when this can be experienced anywhere in the world, like in Seville, for example. The Andalusian capital has authentic hamburger eateries for all those who prefer not to settle for the usual menu of the large food chains in this sector. Just like everything else in Seville, burgers also have a special place in this city.

Las Tablas

A burger is not a local specialised food in the menu here but the chefs certainly prepare it with amazing mastery. The quality of the meat, the variety of preparations, the menu of starters and the low priced variety of dishes are points that play in their favour, not to mention their unbeatable location in the old town of Seville. In addition, the service enjoys an excellent rating by customers. Las Tapas is located on Almirante Bonifaz Street, just 600 metres from the doorstep of the Hostel Central Sevilla, so there is no excuse in not stopping by this place when the hunger pangs strike.

House of Burger

We know what you are thinking: «These people are talking about avoiding franchises but are recommending me to go to one of them.» From the outset, it should be noted that House of Burger is a chain that is still in an initial phase of its expansion and, therefore, there are not many similar restaurants. In Seville, you can visit it at number 38, Correduría Street (in the Alameda Central Zone). For the rest, House of Burger is characterised by the huge size of its meat, the wide variety of side dishes (do not forget to try cassava (similar to sweet potato) and the homely design of the place, which is always appreciated by customers.

Milonguitas Grill & Burger

The famous hamburgers of this Argentine meat establishment is such that even the Sevillians refer to them as «milonguitas». Just over fifty metres from the Cathedral, very close to the Hostel Urban Sevilla, we can find the Milonguitas Grill & Burger. It is without a doubt a new concept of grilling in which even the smallest detail is taken care of (the potatoes are not frozen and the bread is baked in the restaurant itself). The hamburgers are 100% handmade, so we can safely say that you will not find any other place like this one in Seville.


«Burgers taken seriously, not in a series,» is the funny phrase you’ll find on the t-shirts of the friendly waiters who will serve you in Burguett. To differentiate itself from international chains, this place pays special attention in its customer service, which is something that hasn’t worked out all that bad given that the establishment will soon be celebrating its 10th year anniversary. With a dozen hamburgers on the menu, Burguett boasts a rather minimalist decoration, since all the attention is focused on the food preparations that arrive at the table. By the way, the bread used in Burguett comes from Masa Bambini, one of the best known bakeries in Seville.

O’Neill’s Irish Pub

There are very different opinions about this establishment. Some users recommend going to number 34 Adriano Street to enjoy the intense flavour of their hamburgers. Others also recommend trying its beers (Guinness is the star beer, as it could not be otherwise in an Irish pub). In any case, the O’Neill’s Irish Pub offers a very complete culinary experience opposite the Guadalquivir (and next to Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza) with live music and entertainment.

Nickel Burger Arenal

Obviously, when choosing a hamburger, the quality of meat and other products must be taken into account. Nickel Burger Arenal easily fulfills this requirement but most of its customers also highlight other qualities of this place, which is located at number 23 Alfonso XII Street. For example, its cosy atmosphere and its casual but elegant style, the impeccable presentation of each dish and the possibility of enjoying the ultimate hamburgers are some of the best reasons to visit this place. It also has a wide variety of desserts and homemade ice cream.

Burro Canaglia Bar&Resto

There are only two hamburgers available on the menu but just their names alone will make you realise the uniqueness of their preparation: knife-minced sirloin burger with smoked scamorza cheese, garnish and wrinkly potatoes or the same succulent meat with fresh foie gras, freshly made truffle and free-range egg. This restaurant is a true haven for lovers of exquisite delicacies located at number 112 Luis Montoto Street, between the districts of Buhaira and Huerta de Santa Teresa.

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